NEW Additions to the Schedule!


2 Day Program (3's)           Wednesday/Friday       8:30-1:00

3 Day Program (4's)             Monday, Tuesday and Thursday       


Extended Day (4's)       Mon/ Tues & Thurs  12:30-2:30

Do you know how maple syrup is made?

THANK YOU to the Smith family for teaching us how maple syrup is made and for letting us help in the process!


We hiked out into the woods,

looked for maple trees, 

used a drill,

hammered a tap,

hung backets and lids,

collected sap, 

watched it boil, 


got to taste it on cornbread and popcorn!


At the end, the kids even got to feed the chickens. Thank you to the Alexander family for their assistance and all the drivers who came too.

Please remember to return all necessary forms to HNS BEFORE the start of school on Tuesday, Sept. 7h. If you can mail them ahead of time, that would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, feel free to bring them on the first day of school.